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    Do You Need A Mental Tuneup?

    “Ever Wish A MENTAL MECHANIC Could Twist Your Head Off,

    SCRUB OUT The Gook Of Bad Habits And Beliefs …

    And Then TUNE UP Your Thinking Engine?”

    Let’s Diagnose Your Symptoms:

     RELATIONSHIPS:  Out of alignment? Clogged lines of communication? Malfunctioning sensors? Misfiring spark plugs?

    CAREER:  Sluggish motivation? Frequent stalls? It cranks but it won’t start? Finishes last in promotions and awards?

    TRAVEL AND HOBBIES:  Poor mileage? Broken big-dream-converters? Missing fun factor?

     MONEY: Squeaky noises demanding more, more, more? Distressing wallet leak (money drips out all over the place and you can’t get ahead)?

    HEALTH: Engine bogs down all the time? Lacks get-up-and-go? Various glitches and warnings?

    Are you trapped in the endless round of fixing up the “exterior” of your life, as if that will change your results? It might seem easier to buy a quick fix… But would you be happy with a car restoration that spruced up the paint and upholstery, but did nothing under the hood to make it run better? Probably not!

    You Don’t Have to Keep Living This Way!

    Look no further, because here’s your mental mechanic: Evelyn Roberts Brooks, bestselling author and life coach.

    VIDEO #1 — WELCOME! (scroll down to watch Video #2 — it teaches you how to write a wonderful Vision Statement)


    Hi, I’m Evelyn Brooks. Don’t let my lack of “monkey grease” fool you — I’ve got all the TOOLS you need to transform your life.

    Go from moving like an old 4-cylinder putt-putt to burning rubber like a race car.

    You’ll enjoy all the LOVE, ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS you’ve been longing for!

    Imagine How It Would Feel To Shout Every Day: “I Love My Life!“ 

    I can help you with that.

    Let’s get your big dreams down from that castle in the sky and bring them into the physical realm so you can start enjoying and cherishing every single moment of your life from now on.

    All Your Dreams Fulfilled is the comprehensive life coach program you’ve been waiting for!

    It addresses every key category of success from romantic love to material abundance.

    It supports multiple ways of acquiring information with six months’ worth of WEEKLY laser coaching, CDs and workbook lessons.

    All Your Dreams Fulfilled includes:

    • Six Life Mastery CDs to guide you to more empowered thinking
    • A 228-page Life Mastery Workbook with weekly Lifework assignments
    • For six months, weekly Laser Coaching calls with Life Mastery Consultant Evelyn Brooks (that’s 26 hours of coaching calls!)

    With ongoing monthly enrollment, you can sign up today and fit right in with the group.

    The life mastery CDs and workbook will be shipped right to your door. 

    Every Wednesday at 1:00 pm Pacific/4:00pm Eastern, you’ll join the ongoing group’s weekly one-hour phone coaching.

    You’ll be part of the group for six full months — you study the entire course no matter what month you join in.

    I’m a certified Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder Coach — and a business partner of Mary Morrissey’s LifeSOULutions. Mary is a longtime leader in the human potential movement and has poured a synthesis of over 30 years of teaching into this 6-month program she’s personally trained me to teach.

    I would love to help you create a more expansive and joyful life by studying Mary’s powerful “Life Mastery” course together for six months.

    This program has already transformed thousands of lives.

    If you’re willing to do the work — it will change yours, too!

    You’ll enjoy the ripple effects for years to come, long after we’ve finished our weekly laser coaching calls together.

    What’s Covered In The Life Coaching System?

    This six-month course is designed to support your mastery in six areas of life: Intention, Manifestation, Abundance, Health, Love and Transformation.

    • You’ll find yourself naturally engaging in practices that help bring about the results you desire.
    • You’ll feel more joy and peace in your everyday life.
    • You’ll harness the Law of Attraction and draw wonderful energy into your life.

    Each month the weekly discussions are devoted to one of six topics, in rotation:   TOPIC FOR JANUARY 2014 IS  ABUNDANCE! — ENROLL TODAY TO JOIN THE GROUP 


    Mastery in Intention — Accessing the power of your purpose in life… If you have no real intentions and don’t know how to focus on your goals, what happens is you end up living “by default” simply reacting to everything that goes on all around you, and struggling to cope! Learn the right way to guide yourself in life, the way you were intended to live all along. You’ll love becoming a MASTER OF FABULOUS GOALS!

    Mastery in Health — Experiencing the highest expression of well being… There’s a massive difference between feeling “pretty good” and feeling vibrant and healthy every day! How would you like to know what it’s like to spring out of bed each day, filled with energy and enthusiasm for the hours ahead, knowing that pure health and vibrancy flow through every one of your trillions of cells? This is the way life is meant to be! Imagine becoming the MASTER OF ENERGETIC HEALTH!

    Mastery in Abundance — Living from a streaming connection with Source… Feelings of lack and limitation are rampant in our society — but you don’t have to keep feeling that way! Imagine how luscious it would feel to know that you can tap into the Source of all prosperity 24/7 and enjoy sheer abundance in every area of your life from your wallet to a wealth of creative ideas. Bask in the relief and freedom of being a MASTER OF PROSPERITY AND WEALTH!

    Mastery in Manifestation — Developing the art of co-creating with the Universe… I bet you’ve tried manifesting something and it didn’t work! It’s those feelings of doubt, disappointment and discouragement that are actually undermining your manifestation power. There’s nothing wrong with you! Learn how to do it the effective way and sustain the manifesting frequency long enough and strong enough for those results you’d love to come flowing into your life. Join the ranks of the top 1% of the world who’ve actually learned how to MASTER THE FINE ART OF MANIFESTING!

    Mastery in Love — Fostering authentic relationships in all areas of your life… Whether it’s romantic love, family love, harmonious relationships with coworkers and people you encounter throughout your day, we all want LOVE. Learn the healthy ways to express love and the right ways to ask for it even in a troubled relationship so you can see a 180 degree shift and enjoy your heart’s desire. Learn how to enjoy life’s highest realm, God’s purest expression through us, and become a MASTER OF TRUE LOVE!

    Mastery in Transformation — Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities… Hit “pause” on your questions and worries right now and imagine a life where you are a calm, powerful expert in transformation — you know what to do in every situation in your life, even the really challenging times. You have a sense of calmness and confidence inside. Nothing can keep you down because you have all the tools to be a “wizard” in your own life so that you are the one in charge of the results you experience. No more will you be at the mercy of conditions and circumstances swirling around you. Become a MASTER OF TRANSFORMATION today!

    Now take a few deep easy breaths, and realize that the only barrier between the results you have right now (that you don’t like) and being the complete master of your life is simply a higher level of awareness.

    When you master the 6 principles described above, you’ll discover and embed a new path of thoughts, feelings and actions to catapult you into a life you will truly love.

    Plus — to help you start changing your life immediately a bonus download of Evelyn’s full Calm Assurance program is included with your purchase!

    Calm Assurance, valued at $97, consists of twelve powerful subliminal recordings that support self-assurance and a sense of calm.

    The six hours of specially-recorded music can help you start releasing stress and fear today! 

    Evelyn helped me move through my fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs to create the life of my dreams. She inspires and guides us to expand, grow, dream and open to our full potential. I am eternally grateful her creativity, wisdom and guidance. Evelyn is one of those people who has a heart and soul as big as the sky, which makes her the perfect role model, teacher, and mentor.

    K. Capener Santa Rosa, CA

    Are You Seriously Ready For Happiness and Success?

    “All Your Dreams Fulfilled” GROUP course is $4590, but you can sign up now for only $1997!

    Act now to save money and start making the most of every day. Life’s short! Why waste another day of your precious time on being unhappy and dissatisfied.

    You deserve better. And I can show you how to get it all.

    Evelyn is an amazing coach! She always says the most profound things when teaching that just “jump” at you and really get you to think about how to truly make positive changes in your life.

    – Joel Evan Tye, Los Angeles, CA

    TWO Payment Options for Your Convenience  

    1) Pay in Full Now for the best price. $1997 for 6 months of group life coaching with results expert Evelyn Brooks


    Pay In Full - No PayPal Account Needed


     2)  4 monthly payments, starting today. Only $512 each payment. You get the exact same program, with convenient monthly payments!


     Here’s what my “All Your Dreams Fulfilled” 6 month coaching program includes:

    • Weekly LIVE laser-coaching sessions on the phone (replays will be available at your private class membership page)
    • Six months of life coaching CDs
    • Your Life Mastery workbook with weekly assignments and lessons
    • Bonus: “Calm Assurance” — 12 subliminal MP3 programs (6 hours total listening time)!






    If you’re ready to finally stop saying “Someday I’ll turn my life around…” then decide now to take an action that will be life-changing.

    This program works beautifully, but only if you’ll commit to work it.  Plan on spending an average of about 22 minutes a day on your lessons. That’s less time than watching a sit-com on TV!  

    “All Your Dreams Fulfilled”

    6 Months to a Transformed Life — a Life You’d LOVE!

    What is your own happiness worth to you?

    If you know that you want the transformed results that this 6 months program can give you as you learn and grow and expand into a fuller more joyful expression of YOU during this journey you’re on — but you’re stalled at a Stop sign and don’t know how you can do this…

    In the same way you’d call the auto club for a jump-start if your battery was dead, shoot me an email and let’s chat about what your paradigm (limiting beliefs about what you can do, be and have in life) is trying to keep you from with a list of logical excuses.

    I’d be happy to talk to you and help, because I know that if a “yes” is bursting out of your heart, wanting this course, but a “no” is coming from your logic, then you owe it to yourself to explore ways of getting what you want. I can help you with that.

    You’ll Learn New Ways Of Thinking 

    … that will turn your old life upside down on its head so you can finally put old ideas and bad habits to rest. The tools you’ll learn in “All Your Dreams Fulfilled” will not only transform the life you are living right now, but for years to come as you continue applying the powerful principles to your daily way of thinking and behaving.

    If you have a history of putting your own dreams on hold while you help everybody else, let me be the first to encourage you to put yourself FIRST.

    You can’t really bring your best self to the world stage when you are busy ignoring the dreams Life wants to express through you.

    I can teach you what you need to learn.

    During your 6-month journey with me as your expert guide, you’ll also learn how to:

    • Discard old thoughts that don’t serve you anymore
    • Dump limiting beliefs about yourself and others
    • Ditch your harmful habit patterns
    • Deep-six all those ineffective actions that produced the result you’re dissatisfied with now

    Pay in Full Today for Best Price

    $1997 – your best price for 6 months of group life coaching with results expert Evelyn Brooks

    OR …

    Installment Plan

    4 monthly payments, starting today–$512 each payment

    “All Your Dreams Fulfilled” is a powerhouse program designed to take you from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE!

    I hope you’ll say “YES” to you and your dreams, and jump on board.

    You will immediately join in the ongoing class’s weekly calls, then your 6 months of coaching will “officially” start on the first Wed. of the next month after you enroll. That way, if you enroll mid-month, you don’t have to wait even a couple of weeks to get started on the laser coaching you need. You’ll immediately be shipped the handsome kit containing your CDs and workbook.

    You’ll be in the course for a full six months, and will cover all six topics (but not necessarily in the order given above).

    With each mastery area we’ll study during the six months together, you’ll learn new skills, techniques, abilities and thought processes that will give you MASTERY of that area of your life!

    Stop and think a moment what that would feel like… wouldn’t it feel delicious and fabulous to wake up each day and KNOW what you want to do and how to get it?

    You’ll try out new habits of thinking and action.

    You’ll quickly gain powerful new insights and a higher level of awareness.

    With practice, you’ll find yourself naturally making the choices and changes you need to finally get the RESULTS you want in your life — in “intention”… “health”…”abundance”…”manifestation”…”love”… and “transformation” — and you’ll bring more peace, harmony and joy into your life at the same time.

    I’d love to be your “mental mechanic” and get in there to tinker with your thinking practices and give you a thorough tune up!

    Let me help you discover what you want to create in your life — and coach you to build the BIG HAPPY LIFE you’ve been longing for!

    to your big dreams,



    PS Remember, there’s no delay in starting — if you enroll mid-month, when a class is already in progress, you are welcome to immediately join in the weekly calls and get a head start on your personal transformation — and then your six-month course will officially begin with the next “first Wednesday of the month.” You will always get your full 6 months of study with me, no matter when you sign up.

    “Thanks for helping me move on up! This combination is brilliant! Evelyn’s soothing subliminal tracks and expert phone call guidance round out the CD collection and thick book. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who’s spinning their wheels. Life is too short.”

    - J.H., Milwaukee, WI

    1) Pay in Full Now for the best price. $1997 for 6 months of group life coaching with results expert Evelyn Brooks


    Pay In Full - No PayPal Account Needed


     2)  4 monthly payments, starting today. Only $512 each payment. You get the exact same program, with convenient monthly payments!



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